8 Topics Guaranteed to Drive Every Good SEO Consultant Mad

8-Topics-Guaranteed-to-Drive-Every-Good-SEO Consultant-Mad

Some unrealistic demands might make even a good SEO consultant go balmy

 The market these days is filled with the buzz about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. As easy as it may sound, the task seems to be daunting for even a proficient SEO consultant. The search engine ranking being dynamic demands the SEO consultant be abreast with the changing parameters responsible for making your website grab a higher ranking.

The problems get even worse when SEO consultants have to deal with the clients who have little or no knowledge about SEO. All they drivel about is high ranking and payment once the website reaches the top slot.But what they fail to understand that SEO is way above tradition content rich marketing and promotion. Here we have compiled a few pointers that will help you revisit the problems SEO consultants face while explaining simple SEO rules for high ranking to the more demanding and irrational clients. Our intention is not to demean anyone but this blog is to draw the attention of those who are a novice to SEO but want the best result in one go.

So, here we begin with the introspection and analysis of what makes an SEO consultant go balmy:

  • Content only matters for search engine: 

    Well, this happens to be the most difficult point when it comes to optimizing the website. Most of the clients have the demand to make content rich with keywords such that the website’s ranking shoots up but it’s always advised to have content which is user focussed rather, search engine focussed. Filling up the page with gibberish content and keywords would not be able to hold the interest of the user. What clients fail to understand sometimes is that they are here to entice the customer and not Google or any other search engine.


It’s important to optimize the content regularly and fill it with information that could engage the customer and lures them to come back. In a hurry to reach the top slot of a search engine, most of the people fail to understand the importance of captivating text.

  • The fight between Sales and SEO

    Most of the clients raise the issue of not enough increase in the sales, what they miss is that the work of SEO is to make the website ranking go high and at the same time drive the target audience to the website . Post this process everything is based on conversion optimization and how strong the  product or services are? Remember, your website marketing has more to do with website conversions that do your SEO.


  • Compensation based on performance

    Many clients come up with this idea, however, what they fail to realise is that SEO is a long term process and it takes the time for the results to be highly impressive. The Higher ranking takes in account various factors apart from the SEO. Hence, introducing performance-based compensation is not a great idea.

  • Irresistible offers

    Customers often come up with the cliché idea of irresistible pricing from the competitive SEO firms or consultants. Trust me this is not a good option to vouch on. There are companies that may offer you unrivalled pricing and irresistible offer which might sound astounding at first but all these are just blandishments to make you shell money out of your pocket. A good SEO firm will not come in dime a dozen. As a wise business person, you should always compare the benefits and the services offered. Moreover, you should also screen the after sale services like maintenance etc. that the firm is offering. Once you follow this parameter while making a choice of desired SEO firm, you will never fall a prey to bewildering offers made by not so good and competitive SEO firms.

  • The grass is always greener on the other side

    This is a common adage which aptly applies to SEO firms. Most of the clients interested in competitors are failing to understand that every business has a different ideology, theme, and vision. Their cane is a number of reasons why your competitive firm is following a different pattern; maybe their budget is different or maybe what they have planned is not working. You should always focus on your business and what you want to achieve out of it.

  • SEO after website launch

    Many companies hire SEO consultant or firm after the launch of the website, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Having an SEO consultant on board at the stage of website development helps in properly structuring the URL. Although this is done post the launch of the website, it might affect the backlinks of your website. There are many others that need to be taken into consideration if you want your website at the top slot.


After going through these counters many of the SEO consultants and SBMs would have had the laugh of their laugh. But moving away from the fun aspect, the aforementioned scenario is very relevant and many could easily correlate with it. The blog would have reinforced how important it is for the SEO consultant and Project manager to work together. I  hope that this blog will fuel the discussion amongst the in-house SEO consultants and their project head. And even those who are outsourcing the SEO work. Working together is the only key to get higher ranking and achieve better results.

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  1. Great insights. What I’ve learned is that if the content solves the solution that the visitor was looking for, then that is the best SEO that is possible. Creating content that is stuffed with keywords the really provides no value is the best way to increase your bounce rate and lose ranking in Google. So I always focus on providing value and then optimizing.

  2. Great nuggets here! SEO is not an overnight or short term fix to a business. SEO is almost an artwork that takes skill and longevity to reach a sites possible potential. We have to understand that it will take time and we have to continue to feed the blog to increase the rankings as well. Thanks for a great share!